Ben Friesen started a small welding and fabrication business to support his growing family in 1985. At this point Ben built stainless steel playground slides for a world leading playground company. As plastic slides took over the market Ben searched for other products to build to support his now large family. In 2003 the first traditional Roll off container rolled out of the shop. Since then thousands of containers have rolled out the shop to the satisfaction of hundreds of customers. In 2010 Ben’s 2 sons and a partner took over the shop with a vision to grow and make the business more productive. In 2019 with a vision to move more into a customized line of equipment, and get away from the mass production equipment Ben’s son Bernhard sold Friesen’s Welding and with the help of his brother started Briesen Industries LLC. The vision at Briesen Industries is to manufacture World Class customized Hook lift and Roll off Bodies. With a lifetime of experience and world class fabrication equipment we believe you came to the right place if you are looking for customized Hook lift and Cable lift solutions. We believe “The Sky’s the Limit” with what could be installed on a Hook lift or Cable lift body to make your life more productive.