Chipper Body

Bison Hooklift Solutions Chipper Boxes are typically manufactured to your length and height. They are designed to be a customizable solution for your most complex applications. This spec sheet is for our common chipper box that we manufacture. Almost every item on the list could be customized to your specific need. Feel free to give us a call to discuss all the options.

Product Part: Standard Chipper box

Floor Plate: 10-gauge.

Side Walls: 12-gauge

Posts: 2” x 3” formed posts on 24” centers

Cross Members: 3’’ Structural Channel on 20’’ Centers

Side Rails: 3” channel

Gussets: On every channel

Main Rails: 6” x 2” x 3/16” Structural Tubing (Upgrade Available)

Wheels: 8″x8’″ Heavy Duty Ground Rollers on the Rear end

Wheel Brackets: 1/2” Plate

Wheel Axles: 1-1/2″ Solid Round with Grease Fittings on rear

Bull Noses: 1-1/2’’ Plate

Guide Rollers: 4”x4” Solid tubing with grease fittings

Roller Arms: 1/2″ Plate

Roller Axles: 1-15/16” Round Bar with Grease Fittings

Hook Plate: 1/2″ Plate 12” x 38” Welded Solid Rail to Rail

Cable Hook: 1-1/2″ Plate Inserted through hook plate, and welded fully on both sides

Front Sheet: 12-gauge

A-frame: 2” x 6” x 3/16” structural tubing

Roof: 12-gauge flat roof (Upgrade available)

Vents: 3- 6” x 12” holes with covered with expanded metal per side

Paint: Black, IH Red, BFI Blue, Cat Yellow, Equipment Orange. (Custom color options available)     

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