Gooseneck Rolloff Trailer


Ranging from 10-20 cubic yard containers, and 12′ -15′ bodies the Bison trailer is the most flexible user friendly rolloff trailer available. Constructed from box tubing and I-beam making it the toughest trailer on the market. Every Bison trailer features the industry standard rails allowing us stand out in the crowd and giving you the flexibility you need to be successful.

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Rolloff Trailer

  • Compatible with all Standard Rolloff containers (When you buy our trailers you do not have to buy your containers from us also)
  • 14,000 lbs. GVWR   (16,000 lbs. GVWR available)
  •  7,000 lb. axles x 2 (or 8,000lb. axles x 2)
  • Spring loaded Drop leg jack (10,000 lb.)
  •  6 leaf Slipper spring suspension
  •  16″ White spoke wheels
  • ST235/80R16 Radial 10 Ply load range E tires
  • 1/8″ Tread plate Steel Fenders
  • 10″ I-beam Goose neck or 6″ channel tongue
  •  Sandblasted, Primed and liquid painted (Paint does not come off in large pieces like other guys)
  •  American made axles
  • American made trailers

A Tarp system that is reliable, fast, and easy to put on is a hard find. However with  Bison Hooklift Systems Rolloff Trailer we can add a sling shot tarp system to the trailer. Another reason that sets us apart from the competition which has a separate tarp for every body. With our tarp systems you can literally tarp your load in less than minute without any crank or ladder. Contact us now to find out more!

Axle Options

  • (2) 8,000 lb. Oil bath 10 ply tires
  •  (2) 7,000 lb.   10 ply tires

1.1.1 Manufacturer’s Warranty
Bison Hooklift Systems warrants that it’s product to the original purchaser will be free of defect(s) for a period of one (1) year, providing that the following conditions are met and satisfied.
1.1.2 Warranty Covers
Warranty covers the main frame for 3 years. Ramps, crossmembers, railings and any non wearing items for 1 year. Normal wear items will not be replaced due to wear. These normal wear items include but are not limited to flooring, paint, brake lining(s), bearings and hoses. All auxiliary parts such as brakes, calipers, jacks, wheels, bearings, tires, suspension, lights, hydraulic dump cylinder and controls are covered by the warranty of their manufacturer.
1.1.3 Limitations The sole responsibility of Bison Hooklift Systems under this limited warranty shall be to repair and replace parts at the Bison Hooklift Systems factory, or at a Bison Hooklift Systems authorized dealer, or another location (with prior written approval by Bison Hooklift Systems). All other obligations or liabilities, including incidental or consequential damages or contingent liabilities arising out of the failure of any parts to operate properly are hereby excluded, including but not limited to any damages resulting from loss of use, inconvenience, loss of time, commercial loss, or any other type of damages general or specific, foreseen or unforeseen, unless applicable state law provides otherwise. Bison Hooklift Systems will not reimburse any claimant for any adjustment or repair of a Bison Hooklift Systems trailer, hoist or body without prior written approval by Bison Hooklift Systems. Any repairs performed at a location other than Bison Hooklift Systems, will be allotted $25.00 per hour for labor costs.
1.1.4 Warranty Void
Bison Hooklift Systems is not responsible for damage caused by accident, negligence, abuse, misapplication, or misuse of any Bison Hooklift Product or any of its component parts. Loading in excess of gross vehicle load rating stated on the certificate plate will invalidate any and all warranties. Any modifications, alterations, or repair to any product manufactured by Bison Hooklift Systems without Bison Hooklift Systems prior knowledge and written consent will void manufacturer’s warranty.
1.1.5 Transportation Costs Excluded
Transportation of any trailer to and/or from your dealer, or an approved repair facility, or Bison Hooklift Systems factory shall be the responsibility of the trailer owner Bison Hooklift Systems shall not be held responsible for any such costs.
1.1.6 Disclaimers
This warranty is expressly given in lieu of all other warranties and representations. Bison Hooklift Systems makes no representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, with respect to Bison Hooklift Systems weather as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or any other matter. No one, including an authorized Bison Hooklift Systems dealer is authorized to make further or additional warranties on behalf of Bison Hooklift Systems.

1.1.7 Dealer Responsibilities
The dealer is responsible for submitting the manufacturer any claim you wish to make under this Limited Warranty.
1.1.8 Required Warranty Claim Procedure
1. Within five (5) days after discovering a problem with your Bison Hooklift Systems product, return your product for inspection to your Bison Hooklift Systems dealer where you bought your product.
2. If your dealer cannot repair the problem free of charge and you want to file a claim under this warranty, your local dealer must send to Bison Hooklift Systems by registered letter or fax a warranty claim form, together with all the required information within ten (10) days of the discovery of your defect.
3. Bison Hooklift Systems will acknowledge such receipt of a claim by registered letter or fax to the dealer and the claimant. Bison Hooklift Systems will respond as soon as possible, being later than thirty (30) days after receipt of the claim.
4. Any defected parts must be sent by prepaid freight to Bison Hooklift Systems, in order to qualify the claimant for replacement or reimbursement under this limited warranty. Any defective parts must be returned to Bison Hooklift Systems WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS OF THE DATE OF APPROVAL TO QUALIFY FOR REIMBURSEMENT.
5. Bison Hooklift Systems reserves the right to not pay unreasonable cost for replacement or repair of defects to a Bison Hooklift Systems product, and may at it’s discretion, establish reasonable reimbursement or parts for any authorized work performed under the terms of this Limited Warranty.
6. When required, photos of defective part(s), or the actual part(s), may have to accompany the warranty approval before payment can or will be made.

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